A Rant of a Traveler

Not all those who wander are lost

Not all those who wander are lost

Let me have the best caviar in the world…a dance on the streets of Villarreal…lying on the beach of Nice. Let me flirt with a señorita. Let me dance in the gardens of  Al Hamra Let me have a fresh Flor de las Antillas Toro with a cup of hot coffee and I shall give you the world. Let me travel for my restless soul is trapped, trapped in the midst of nothingness. Let me be alive and listen to the theater in Prague. Let me sit in The Louvre for hours to stare at Da Vinci’s works or Picasso’s master piece. Let me roam in the grand bazar in Istanbul and visit all the mosques there. Let me go to Rome and feel the energy and cries of prisoners in the Colosseum so I can feel their pain or leave me in the deserts of Arabia so I feel the pain Hazrat Bilal (R.A). Leave me with African Bedouins so I can live with them feel them so I can live a simple life for one day. Leave me on the shores of Scotland so I can remember the battles of Highlanders and Lowlanders…then take my life and I won’t resist.

Take me to Egypt and let me figure out how did the Pharaohs come up with pyramids…where democracy was overthrown and the world turned a blind eye upon them….leave me there so I can find another Cleopatra. Take me to Gaza so I can weep with the people who are killed every day. To Kashmir where people are still fighting for their right. Take me to Syria so I can offer my condolence upon them.

My soul is restless yet again, my journey has to start again…

Let me go, let me go to Berlin so I can figure out how the wall of Berlin came down what harmony united those two sides. Then take me to Paris so I can wake up to the view of Eiffel Tower. Leave me in a small village in Pakistan so I can eat the freshest of food and fruits and butter in the whole wide world. Let me explore Lahore so I can relive Mughal Era. Let me stare at Taj Mahal and to give rest to the fight inside me; whether to sing songs in praise of Shah Jahan and his love for Mumtaz Mahal or to simply weep for the workers who lost their hands after building a wonderful monument.

Leave me in New York so I can look at people and people and people and try to read their faces. Let me go to Lake Alberta to sit and praise God for the amazing beauty. Let me go to Mount Olympus so I can challenge Zeus and tell him on his face that he is the reason that Medusa turned out so evil. My soul is in a fight, my soul is restless my soul will travel it will speak to the places and the energy.

My heart feels, feels a lot. It will shout will shout to all to be in peace to love to care…

My heart, my brain and my soul…they are on a journey.

Elixir of Life


And he waited for the cure to come,

A soldier with scars of a battle undone.

A tear trickle down his eye, as he waits for three sips,

Sips which will give him life and a heavenly trip.

All he needs is peace and sleep, he has fought long and hard,

His eyes are bloodshot and his heart bleeds.


He is breathing heavily, quickly someone save him.

Soldier all bloodied is uttering some words,

Even the angels stop flapping their wings.

“Take my message” he says, and birds listened to him,

“Far from here lives a maiden, with eyes as deep as a lake and face as fair as the moon. Tell her to wait, till the dawn… To not say a word or a frown, tell her to climb the hill and wait for me, tell her I will come for my ecstasy, tell her I am almost there… Not to lose hope or despair, tell her I have only tripped and not to worry, I will be there in a hurry… Tell her I am finding that red rose, tell her I will not impose…Tell her I will be in peace if she gets up and I will be on my knees.”

Look again!

The soldier gets up with a hand on his heart.

Only rose he has is white as he holds it close to his heart,

See the rose getting red with the blood.

The sky is weeping and the air is sad, what is this madness? They ask,

Some say it is called love, some say it is madness.

So the soldier limps towards the hill, the maiden is there,

Soldier drops his knees, gives the rose and he collapses.

Oh dear! The maiden says something in his ears,

And puts a hand on his heart, the blood is vanishing.

The soldier twitches and gets up,

Is it magic? the wind asks, is it sorcery? the angels inquire.

From up above comes a voice,

“It is Love, it is pure and it is the cure”

The soldier and maiden walked away hand in hand and happy that is what they say.

The Plea of a Thirsty Man

In this world where I belong

In the menace that I have lived long

The scars that healed

The face that opened

A kiss a touch a breath

That is all I have

I have lived far

I have traveled without a sigh

I saw you

I hid and watched

It was dark, yet a glowing light around you

I followed it, to the mountains and seas

In the midst

And among the trees

You stopped for there was a thirst

I stopped and led you to a Hurst

We sat and we drank

The excelsior of love

You touched me then, and a breath

A little fuel and a musket of ecstasy

Fill that musket again, o my love

Cause I am weak, yet you can save me

Save me from the demons

And my own self

Save me so I wont have no regrets

I am mad, so they say

Yet I am still not in the fray

Take me out and in your arms

Kiss me, so I can remain calm

I promise I will hold you tight

And fight for you

With all my might

O my love, touch me now

My dreams are dying, and to survive I don’t know how

Hold my hand and walk with me

To the heavens and the lands we have foreseen

Everyday Heroes


We are the Hero of our own story

Many a times a period comes in our life when we simply want to give up. It is fear or something else no one knows, just a depressed feeling of losing and dying. We begin to think about it, we think that because of a particular event our life is going to crash of, but honestly the truth is totally different.

I learned this from my youngest brother, Arqam Ahmed Qureshi. He is almost 10 years younger than me, a gem I tell you I have never seen him losing hope be it the scolding from my parents or our cousins or us flopping on his plans (he arranges every picnic). That kid literally picks himself up, more than a dozen times have I seen him fail but yet again the unbelievable will puts him apart from everyone else.

My dad was diagnosed with diabetes a while ago ( may Allah cure him, Ameen) , I wasn’t informed about it till they visited me here in Canada. Instantly when you hear that kind of news you think what next? What’s going to happen now? And you start to panic. Arqam, on the other hand though how little he may be, took the news remained calm and literally the next day started taking care of my father; giving him medicines on time, checking his blood sugar, pushing him to go for a walk. That kind of courage is unbelievable it is not in me it wasn’t in my sibling older then Arqam but it was there in him.

Similarly my mom, bless her soul at this age she is doing it all; taking care of the house hold, running her own business successfully, taking care of my dad and siblings and doing social work and here is the kicker, she does that while observing her hijab and niqab ( yes women in niqab and hijab can be very successful business women) . Sometimes I think she is a Superwoman; (if you are reading this Ammi, I love you and Abbo, Arqam, Hamza, Fatima and someone else 😉 Just kidding, or am I? ) anyways the point is events come in our life and we think this is the end, we are not going survive after that, but honestly it’s totally different.

A friend of mine Kiran, she is a perfect example of courage. Her dad passed away last year (may Allah S.W.T give him peace and Jannah here after, Ameen) but I see this girl everyday getting up and then taking a step towards positivity, mind you she is the eldest of her three sisters. She completed her Bachelors in Journalism getting the third place, now that is some achievement. She does it all helps her mom, helps her siblings in their studies and what not (and no mamma this is not a rishta article).

Now these people are true inspirations, these people didn’t just ended their life because of a calamity or tensions. What they did was pick themselves up and started being inspiration for others like me, their lives didn’t end up here in-fact it was just a new beginning to a whole new world and challenges and mark my words they will go a long way.

We are all heroes, one way or another we face some obstacles we should all be inspiration to each other. Hell we don’t need no celebrities or glamour or some movie or yet some to pick ourselves up, we all have a God given gift; will power. Therefore you who is reading this stop finding inspiration it resides in you, look yourself in the mirror and do it with passion and motivation because you may fall but you will get up again.

Stay blessed

Another day


The dawn approaches and the birds chirp,

It is another day, another day of a mortal,

I have survived without breaking,

The calamity of this world.

The adolescent nature of those taunts,

The despair of my soul,

The drums are banging and I can hear them,

The time is nearby, for another round.

My steps are heavy, and voice is shivering,

The memories of years are in my head,

I want to overcome, I want to live

I want a new light, I want another day.

I question myself, and the answer that I never get

Yet slowly and softly, I calm myself

Another day goes by

The night comes with the darkness I fear.

Yet my heart is unbroken,

Yet my soul is there,

I can feel myself breathing

I can hear those cries of despair.

Everyday, every night

I face my fears, and my fights

I pick myself up with a smile on my face

Go through the menace of every phase

I am strong, stronger then Troys

And those Greek Gods,

I have more passion then Zeus,

To face a problem I never say nay.

Another day goes by,

I live by the word courage

I face it all,

And another day I will stand tall.

Note: This poem is a story of a very special person that I am related to, an inspiration to me everyday and make me want to do everything just better.



The night that prevails,
Darkness that covers,
No moonlight to be seen
No savior to be heard

The menace of the howling hounds
Or the frightening chirping of the birds
As the darkness reaches its peak
And the pit is open

Finding myself dropping down
Need a hand to pull me up
Yet the pit is shallow and deep
None shall reach

Words of comfort are not enough
Memories haunt the mind is weak
Darker it gets and a beast comes out
Takes my soul and runs around

I recognize it, recognize it is me
Demons in my mortal self they are free
The side that I hid and defeated for long
It will eat me conquer me

I still search for that hand
A bit of light still shines in me
Have faith and will not loose hope
Want that touch to bring me peace

I know it is near me
I know it will save me
All I need is to make a sound
A cry of help, that light will shine

In the night that prevails,
In the darkness that covers us.

Peace, is what I look for


The sun shines, the water is calm,

Air mellow, so are the lines of my palm.

Destiny is what I seek,

Here and there all around me.

The little waves crash against my feet,

Sending ripples in my heart and then beneath.

I want peace; just to live,

Not to please, not to achieve.

Expectations are high,

Like a mountain atop thousand skies.

Regrets and failures have broken me,

Yet I stand looking at my reflection, and the past that I have now drowned.

The sun is setting down,

And my shadow is leaving me.

Out comes the moon behind the clouds,

I cannot see myself, I cannot feel myself.

I cry again and again, for peace,

Hopeful that someone sees,

Someone sees as my eyes are blind.

I have to be saved or my soul will not be found,

I feel a hand grabbing me, pulling me out of dirt.

Shaking me, waking me,

I am saved, and the clouds are vanishing,

The moonlight shines upon me,

The eyes are teary, though I feel relaxed.

Relaxed as a child in his mother’s arms,

Now I know, peace though menacing is what I have found.